KFS Biodiesel - high-tech fuel

The sustainable alternative to fossil diesel

The facilities of KFS Biodiesel GmbH & Co. KG produce about 220,000 tons of biodiesel and about 22,000 tons of glycerol in different forms to meet the needs of various industries.

KFS supplies the oil industry with RME, FAME and UCO-ME products mainly as blending components to meet the biofuel quota.

KFS also provides shipping companies, industrial premises, municipal utilities and operators of combined heat and power plants with KFS biodiesel for fuel, heating or industrial purposes


Biodiesel is high-tech fuel with numerous benefits. It provides a cutting-edge alternative to mineral diesel and will be an important part of tomorrow’s energy mix. According to […]


The by-product of biodiesel production is glycerol. It is produced in large quantities with a degree of purity amounting to about 80%. This is due to a transesterification of mainly vegetable oils using […]

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