KFS Biodiesel GmbH & Co. KG

With its investments the Natural Energy Development Company (NEF [German: Natur Energie Förderungsgesellschaft]) promotes sustainable development of renewable energy sources and directs the production of bioenergy into regions and countries that provide the best conditions. It is advantageous for both countries and investors if bioenergy plants are installed in those locations best suited for such purposes. Due to its experience and strong market knowledge NEF is able to select the best locations. Essential for all NEF projects the principle of sustainability is essential. Accordingly existing resources may only be used or claimed for to the extent such resources can regenerate.

Overview N E F-Group


More info can be found under: www.nef-holding.de.

About us

KFS Biodiesel GmbH & Co. KG based in Cloppenburg, a company of NEF-group, has been working for nearly a decade in the field of biodiesel production as an independent producer and provider of eco-friendly biodiesel in Germany and Europe. KFS relies on innovative technologies which make it possible to produce biodiesel out of rape oil, used vegetable oil, and used cooking oil or adipose.